Daphne Lorna is the collaboration of two sisters, Daphne Lorna Evans and Cindy Evans McCoy.  We love to design and make pieces that are simple yet unique, stylish and perfect for any adventure.

Cindy and Daphne grew up in Montreal, Canada and have been making jewelry ever since they can remember. Their mother was an avid bead collector and with their two other sisters, design and fashion were always a central part of their girl-centric household. Each bringing her own inspiration and sensibility to the line, Daphne's love of the outdoors and casual style offer a special blend of mountain-girl femininity, while Cindy's style leans towards punchy bright tones inspired by the lush, deep South and the beaches of the East Coast. The design of the details is of paramount focus for both Cindy and Daphne, ensuring that each piece is a careful balance of its mixed elements.

Daphne lives in beautiful Montana and does the production out of the Bonner studio. Cindy lives in Atlanta and primarily focuses on design, marketing and keeping the business end of dL together. 

Email us at orders@daphnelorna.com or call us

Daphne 406-544-9635

Cindy 678-613-2919